The following articles are provided as a courtesy to our members and visitors. They cover a wide range of topics from Anabolic Synergism to Understanding Food Labels. They are intended to inform and educate you, while providing valuable insight from Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale. These articles are provided for informational purposes onlys. 


Glutamine Supplementation: Facts and Fiction


There's a long standing misconception dating back a decade or more, that the use of glutamine supplements have limited beneficial effects and can be counter productive for those wishing to improve body composition and exercise performance. For example, one of the persistent myths is that glutamine increases systemic ammonia levels and thus contributes to both physical and central fatigue., and also decreases protein synthesis. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Supplement Panels of updated MDPlus Products as of Feb 2017


See the Suppplement Panels iof my products of the updated versions as of Feb 2017

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Power Drink version III - Carnosine and Beta Alanine Combination


The new formulation of Power Drink, version III, is now available and has many changes in dosages and ingredients that improve it's beneficial effects as a training drink. One of those changes is the addition of beta-alanine to complement L-carnosine, an orginal ingredient in the previous version of Power Drnk. 

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Power Drink version III


New version of Power Drink takes supplementation while training to a new level. If the graphics for the Supplement Facts aren't visible email me as and I will send you the new label supplement facts.

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Post Exercise Nutrition for Maximizing the Anabolic and Performance Effects of Exercise


There is no doubt that the timing protein nutrition after exercise is crucial for increasing skeletal muscle protein synthesis and an overall net balance.  Exercise provides an adaptive response so that the body is able to make use of any nutrition supplied post exercise. 

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Phase Shift Dieting 1 – My Beginnings


My phase shift diets, which have been a work in progress for over 5 decades, represent a paradigm shift from all other diets. This if the first in a series of articles on my phase shift diets outlining my initial steps at understanding how to manipulate macronutrients to maximize health, body composition, and athletic and exercise performance.

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Taurine - an Essential Non-Protein Amino Acid


Taurine, a sulfur-containing amino acid is the second most abundant amino acid in the body, and the most abundant free amino acid, found in skeletal muscle tissue. Although it’s one of the few amino acids not directly used for protein synthesis, it can indirectly increase protein synthesis and has a myriad of functions in the body.

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Alanine – the Essential, Non-Essential Amino Acid


The emphasis these days has shifted to specific amino acids over the use of others. For example the essential amino acids, and especially leucine are considered important and many feel that the other amino acids aren’t necessary. Others feel that the a few of the conditionally essential amino acids, such as glutamine and arginine are also extremely important for maximizing body composition and exercise performance.

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Nighttime Nutrition


Grow muscle while you sleep? Is that possible or just hype? Actually it is possible and it's due to the dynamics of sleep, exercise and nutrition. 

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Tracking Your Progress - Part 2


Tracking your progress in maximizing body composition is important to both make sure you're improving and to point you in the right direction. 

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Tracking Your Progress Part I


An important part of making progress is to track it. And that means more than just keeping a training log of what you're doing. It also means analyzing what you've done and planning ahead. 

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New versions of 10 of the Supplements in the MD+ line of Nutritional Supplements


Here are the labels for the newest versions of the products in the MD+ line of supplements so far for 2015: Amino, Creatine Advantage, EFA+, GHboost, Joint Support, Metabolic, MVM, Resolve, TestoBoost and ThermoCell 35. The product PDFs are in the draft stage and will be updated on the site within the next few weeks.

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Boosting Endogenous Testosterone Naturally with the New TestoBoost version V


TestoBoost version V (NEW) is by far the most powerful natural testosterone booster, and libido and sex drive enhancer on the market today. Version 5 is the fourth reformulation of the original TestoBoost, which came out in February of 2000. Each version has been improved by taking into account new research, my own clinical work, and feedback from those who used it. Using TestoBoost version V is a safe and effective way to dramatically increase your own natural testosterone production.

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The Assault on Testosterone


The increased prevalance of low testosterone in men has painted a confusing picture of why it's happening and what to do about it.

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Maltodextrin – What Good is it?

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Post Exercise Nutrition for Maximizing the Anabolic Effects of Exercise


Everyone intuitively knows that you need to feed your body after exercising so you can maximize the beneficial effects of exercise on body composition and peformance. For many years the general consensus was and still is that you needed to take in lots of carbohydrates after training to replenish the glycogen reserves in the liver and muscle. Then in the last decade the consensus changed to taking in lots of carbs and protein after training. Today the usual advice is that carbs, with some protein thrown in, are a necessary part of post exercise nutrition regardless of the kind of diet that you're following, including a low carb diet or even more importantly my phase shift diets. However, that's not true. In fact the use of carbs post training can be counter productive and eliminating post training carbs can have added anabolic and fat burning effects.

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Going to Waist

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Alcohol and Fat Metabolism


If you're looking to maximize body composition the best way possible by using my phase shift diets, alcohol can be counter productive in that it decreases the use of body fat for fuel, and increases fat formation.

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Anabolic Nutritional Supplementation During Exercise


While pre and post training nutritional supplements are now widely available, if mostly misquided, nutritional supplementation while you exercise to increase the body composition and performance effects of exercise is poorly represented.

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MDPlus Line of Supplements are 100% Safe for Drug Tested Athletes


I get questions about my line of supplements from drug tested athletes all the time. And as a former drug tested elite athlete in Powerlifting I can certainly empathize. As an example, I’ve copied a recent correspondence from an athlete who was questioning LipoFlush Extreme version IV as far as possibly resulting in a positive drug test.  

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Iron Supplements Boost Performance


There's been a lot of controversy about taking iron supplements with most of the controversy being polarized into two groups, those that insist iron supplements are necessary and those that insist that they're not. Of course and as usual the truth lies somewhere in between. In some cases they're beneficial and in others they may actually be harmful.

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Update on Reading Nutrition Labels


After a few decades of laissez-faire the FDA is pushing ahead with changes to the venerable Nutrition Label. While these changes are welcome there's a lot more that could be done.

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Sleep Is Anabolic


There are a lot of factors that impact on strength, athletic performance, and body composition including the two that are uppermost in most of our minds, the right kind of training and nutrition. While training and nutrition are important, they’re not going to do much for your body composition if your body’s not in a position to make the best use of them. That’s where getting the proper amount of sleep comes in.

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More Beef Will Do You Good


Red meat, while maligned by some, is important for anyone that exercises or who wants to build muscle mass, maximize body composition, and improve performance.

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I've Been Saying This for Decades


I've been saying it for decades and it's just starting to catch on. You can train right, eat right, and take supplements in and around your training but you won't get all you can out of your training if you ignore the time while you're sleeping.

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