My mission has always been to provide you with information, through books, newsletters, articles, and my web sites, on ways to improve your health, body composition, and performance.


My phase shift diets, developed in the late 1960s and refined over the next four decades, represent a new paradigm in how to best use carbohydrates, fats and protein to improve all aspects of your life.


I also use my five decades of experience on training, diet, nutritional supplements, and both traditional and alternative medicine, to formulate my line of nutritional supplements that will help you to achieve your goals, including improving your health, losing weight, gaining muscle, improving athletic performance, and living healthier longer.


Unlike other individuals and companies that use questionable marketing to persuade you to buy their products, which are often shells of what they could be, I believe in offering you the most effective, highest quality, evidence based supplements available on the market today. Supplements that I formulate to the best of my knowledge and ability and which I believe are more effective and safer than all others available products on the market today.


My phase shift diets and nutritional supplements will anyone wanting to be healthier, improve body composition, lose weight and/or body fat, and improve athletic performance.

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