I’ve been a physician for 4 decades and involved in training, diet and supplements for over 5 decades. My early interest in sports, dieting, and nutritional supplementation, which started in the late 1950s, carried over to my days at the University of Toronto where I first majored in Molecular Biochemistry and Genetics, getting an Honour Science Degree, and then into medical school where I obtained my medical degree.


My interest in all aspects of medicine, and especially in sports medicine merged with my earlier interests in training, diet and supplements resulting in a synthesis of both fields throughout the last four decades.


In the late 1960s while still in medical school I began formulating my ideas on phase shift dieting and experimented with the diets in my university athletic career that involved weight training, wrestling and gymnastics.


I continued my work on my phase shift diets and the use of nutritional supplements to improve body composition and performance while pursuing my medical career and sports involvement.


I began writing about my phase shift diets and formulating nutritional supplements over 20 years ago and in 1999 began my own nutritional supplement company, selling my supplements and books on line.


For more information on my history and the history of my books and supplements, which has culminated in my new site see About Dr. Di Pasquale.

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