Besides the complex genetic component there are only 3 components that you need to get right in order to achieve your goals in life, whatever they may be - Lifestyle, nutrition, and training.


Nutrition is made up of two components, what you eat on a daily basis and and the use of nutritional supplements to complement your diet, and for special purposes, such as helping to maxmize body composition and further improve athletic performance.


My phase shift diets, including the Metabolic, Anabolic, and Radical Diets, are best diets for anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up their bodies, and especially for anyone that exercises, whether it's purely recreational or competitive. That's because my phase shift diets offer a new paradigm on maximizing body composition and performace. 


The Metabolic Diet, and it's variants, can be the answer to everyone's dieting quest. The Holy Grail of Diets. I wrote the Metabolic Diet to introduce some of the principles I first wrote about in the Anabolic Diet, which was targeted for recreational and competitive bodybuilders, to the general public. The Metabolic Diet, at over 500 pages as against less than 100 pages for the original Anabolic Diet, was not just an a rewrite of my Anabolic Diet, it also contained a more sophisticated look at the diet with new variations, expanded on the synergistic use of low carb nutritional supplements, and introduced the Metabolic Index as a guide to fat loss and body composition. Unlike all other diets, the Metabolic Diet is like a living entity in that it adjusts itself to each individual's macronutrient needs. By using the Metabolic Diet you can dial in your metabolism to the kind of diet that's best for you.


The principles espoused in my Metabolic Diet, which I am in the process of revising and expanding for the upcoming Second Edition (due out in early 2012), are the principles behind phase shift dieting, a method of dieting that introduces macronutrient variations that are used consecutevily. Unlike all other diets out there that are monophasic, that is you follow the same macronutrient composition all the time, whether it's low fat, high carbohydrate, or low carbohydrate and moderate to high fat, etc., my phase shift diets change the macronutrient content during specific days.


The benefits of phase shifting of macronutrients as described in my diets are increased health, more energy, improved body composition, and increased physical and mental performance.

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