Supplements can play an important part in my phase shift diets. Unfortunately most of the supplements on the market today are either lacking in effectiveness or won't work as well if you're phase shift dieting. As such, over a decade ago I decided early on to formulate and market my own line of supplements. These supplements, which you can find in the store, were formulated specifically to complement my phase shift diets and are perfect for all phases of my diet because they're easily modified to suit the carb level that you're on.


Not only are my line of supplements low carb formulations, but also they're more effective than anything else on the market, for those on my phase shift diets, and even for those following other diets but who want less hype and more results than the other supplements on the market today. Another plus with sticking to my line of supplements is that even if you take several of the supplements, or for that fact all of them it's important that you know that I kept that in mind when I formulated all of them so that you'll always be in the safe zone as far as potential side effects and toxicities. 


Weight and Fat Loss Supplements


If your main goal is to lose weight/body fat then there are a variety of supplements that you could take to complement my phase shift diets, make the diets easier to stay on, and get faster results. The supplements are also formulated to improve your health, deal with any deficiencies you may have, and to further improve the body composition results you get from my phase shift diets.


What you take as far as supplements depends on what your goals are - how much weight/body fat you want to lose, how fast you want to lose it, whether you're looking to improve your overall body composition, etc. And of course price is also a factor. 


Regardless of your weight and fat loss goals I recommend anyone on my diets use MVM, as it's specifically formulated for those on my phase shift diets, and frankly is the best vitamin,  mineral, antioxidant, and other ingredients supplement on the market. Taking MVM will set up a foundation for achieving your goals. If your finances permit you can add EFA+ as it will enhance your efforts to lose weight/body fat.


Next I'd suggest either LipoFlush and/or ThermoCell 35. LipoFlush for those who have signficant amount of weight and body fat to lose and ThermoCell 35 for those that don't have as much to lose but are looking to improve body composition. Some people start off with LipoFlush and then add ThermoCell 35 to the mix. The next supplement I'd suggest is GHboost as this will enhance fat loss and improve body composition and works in tandem with the other supplements.


In tandem with these supplements you can also use MRP LoCarb and/or Myosin Protein. If you're doing fine on rock-bottom dietary carbs then you can take the supplements as they are, mixing the MRP (Meal Replacement Powder) LoCarb, and Myosin Protein Complex with water. If you're on the Moderate Carb Phase you can mix these formulations with milk or juice, depending on the level of carbs that you're on. For those on lower calorie low-carb diets the Myosin Protein Complex makes a perfect snack while the MRP LoCarb makes an excellent meal replacement. 


Muscle and Strength Building Supplements


If your goal is to add muscle and/or increase strength then some of the supplements you could use are the ones mentioned above, as well as others that are meant to complement and synergize with the effects of my phase shift diets on body composition, whether your goals are to maximize muscle mass and minimize body fat, or just to improve body composition by leaning out and adding some muscle, or if you're somewhere in between.

Besides the supplements mentioned above, which can be used to decrease body fat while helping to maintain muscle mass, there are several other supplements that can be used for their anabolic and fat burning effects, including Exersol, containing Resolve, Power Drink, and Amino, and NitAbol, containing TestoBoost, GHboost, Creatine Advantage, and Myosin Protein

The powdered supplements, such as MRP LoCarb, Power Drink, Creatine Advantage and Myosin Protein mixed with water are ideal for the athlete looking to minimize carbs and maximize effects.Myosin Protein allows you to increase dietary protein without a significant increase in carbs and calories, while MRP LoCarb makes an excellent meal replacement and after training supplement. As well, Creatine Advantage gives you the most advanced creatine product on the market today without the heavy dose of simple sugars present in other creatine formulations. Power Drink is a very low-carb anabolic, fat-burning training drink that can be used for muscle building, and for increased performance in both power and endurance athletes. 

Bottom line: If you're on my phase shift diets, whether the Metabolic Deit, Anabolic Diet (now updated and making up the diet end of my Anabolic Solution books), or Radical Diet, then you should look into the use of specific supplements that will help you reach your goals. 

To see when and how you would take the supplements that you decide on for reaching your goals, whatever they are, have a look in the Sample Supplement Regimens section.  There is also information on how and when to use specific combos in the store - for example Paradigm Combo.

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