Having been committed to a healthy lifestyle I was shocked when I found myself significantly overweight after having my children. I needed to lose 110 lbs and then have a plan to keep it off. A friend told me about a diet that would help me rapidly lose weight, The Radical Diet and also about a book called the Metabolic Diet that would help me continue to lose weight and teach me how to maintain my weight loss.


I read The Radical Diet and was motivated by the thoughts of rapid weight loss and by the success of Dr. DiPasquale. I immediately got started on the diet. I lost 8 lbs the first week and continued to rapidly lose weight, 34 lbs in the first 8 weeks! I followed the diet for 16 weeks using a journal to track my meal plans and calories. I switched to the Metabolic Diet and continued to lose weight and have reached my weight loss goal of 110 lbs!

I honestly can’t believe how good I feel and how quickly I was able to reach my goal. Although dieting was challenging I found the supplements really helped me along the way. I have tried many meal replacement shakes and the MRP was by far the best and most satisfying. I also used the MVM, LipoFlush and Metabolic.

I have continued to keep the weight off for over a year and want to sincerely thank you for sharing your knowledge through your books and for developing premium supplements.

Peterborough, Ontario



I've been wanting to let you know how much I love your products. It has changed the way I can train. My recovery is so fast. I have never felt stronger. Thanks for noticing the order. If you ever get time, you should come and visit Dan. All the athletes would love to meet you.



Listen some very exciting things have been going on with Celine thanks to your program. I'll try and make a long story short. Ok she did your program beginning with the 6-12 days of setting up the body to burn fat.She followed tht Anabolic Solution Diet to the TEE. Then she went to Coach SOS to figure out there caloric intake and went on the Radical diet. Due to the ibs and bloating and problems she had to take a natural ibs supplement as well as grapefruit seed oil and oregano, plus and unfortuntaely at times laxatives as she would not go sometimes for a few days.


Since your diet she has gone from 125lbs to 115lbs as of today, she has not seen a 115lbs in two years, she goes to the washroom EVERY DAY, and is so..soooo happy. PLUS she just made the 2008 Ontario Summer Games Team in the 100m and 4x100m relay. Mauro one of the things we can't figure out is ..................why all of a sudden she is having bowel movements , like regular ones?? We are not complaining but curious. Plus she is taking GH Boost and Metabolic and loving the results.


Mauro THANKS, she did the diet word for word and she has decided that she will make this a way of life for her. Low carbs and fat during the week, anything goes on the weekend.







Dear Dr. Mauro;


A few anecdotal and unexpected positive results from the phased low carb diet.

  1. Greater concentration and sustained mental focus. (After being bombarded with how important carbs are for mental function.)
  2. Deeper, more restful sleep. (I have found that my sleep requirements have actually lessened.)
  3. Marked reduction in snoring.
  4. Almost complete elimination of flatulence and wind, even when consuming certain supplements that used to trigger it.
  5. A marked improvement in a long standing fungal infection in the toenails that had previously been most resistant to treatment. I had obvously stopped "feeding" the fungus. I had been reluctant to treat this condition with Sporanox. I would rather live with the fungus than the possibility of congestive heart failure, no matter how remote the odds.
  6. measurable improvement in my eyesight.

The above are purely anecdotal, but I have absolutely no doubt that the diet was the major player in this combination of results. I'm certain that you have had many other similar reports. I appreciate reading on your website about how you continually desire to update and upgrade your supplement formulations. Thank you.





Eric Schillaci, New Jersey: Great Job! I just wanted to thank you for all of the incredibly effective supplements that you guys have made available to us drug-free athletes. I no longer have to worry about if my supplementation program is properly dialed in. With the MD+ line of nutritional supplements all my needs are covered, from the general health supplements to the performance and muscle enhancing to the fat-burning supplements.


View Eric's full testimonial and see Eric's pictures



Gene, CT: Dear Mauro, Enclosed are 4 pictures from the Natural CT State Bodybuilding Championships last weekend. I won the middleweight division. I have qualified to compete at the national level at Team Universe held next August. I plan to point to this contest as my next goal. I have been training seriously for 6 years. I have also used the Anabolic Diet continuously for 6 years. Only in the past 6 months with the help of Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale and his revised book and new supplement line have I been able to consistently maximize my performance in the weight room.


Read Gene's Entire Testimonial and View His Pictures



Ray, Toledo OH: I've used your products for the past year and I'm one satisfied customer. I've also recommended them to my family and friends and they also got terrific results. I feel that your products provide a tremendous benefit for anyone to improve their health and, for those who want to use it to compete in sports, there's simply nothing better.


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Suleiman, United Kingdom: I was so impressed with the Power Drink that I decided to buy some other supplements; MVM, EFA+ and GHboost. Again when they arrived I was impressed with the quality. Thanks again for the excellent service at MD+, and good luck with your writing, I am especially looking forward to the Anabolic Solution for Martial Arts.


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I have been using the Metabolic Diet for a little over a week now, and I have already lost over an inch and a half off my waist. This wouldn't impress me if my strength level had dropped, but it hasn't. I also wanted to give you a little feedback on your Joint Support formula. I have tried Glucosamine and Chrondroitin for some time with limited results. however, with your formula, I feel markedly better. Again, this improvement came in just a little over a week. Please keep up the incredible work. I never thought that I could drop a notch on my lifting belt and lose my knee pain in such a short period of time.


Thanks again, Jim



Just a note to say Thanks. I've been using Exersol and following the Anabolic Solution for a month now and my muscle mass and strength has gone up substantially. In fact I made more progress in the past month than in the past year.


Ron C.



Your site has so much information that I've learned a heap. I've gained about 10 pounds of muscle with no fat in the past two months. And that's not easy for me to do. The only supplements I've used are the NitAbol combo and it's done the trick all on its own. And to boot I feel better than I've felt in years.


Steve J



Hi Doc, I'm just starting out on your Radical Diet, using Metabolic and Thermo, and I've lost 8 pounds the first week. I'm not sure if the weight loss will continue like this, and I doubt it since weight is easier to lose at first, but I'm already sol.d. I'll keep you posted on how I do in the weeks to come.


Mary J


I know that things didn't start off all that well with your company. I ran into some delivery problems with your product, wrong zip code, but you were so responsive and helpful that I didn't mind waiting for it to come. I just wanted to thank you for your service and patience, and for that something extra you sent me. You didn't have to since it was my fault. It's great to be able to deal directly with the main people rather than deal with automated systems and the lowest person on the ladder. Thanks again,


James R


Thanks for the advice about how to use the Anabolic Solution and supplements to the best advantage, even though I have diabetes and high blood pressure. By modifying what I was doing I was finally able to lose some weight. Actually I lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks. While that may not seem a lot, it's plenty to me. I thought I'd never be able to lose weight again. Also I was able to drop my diabetic medication to less than half of what I was using. My doctor is even impressed.


Kevin S



I've been on the Radical Diet for 5 weeks now and getting great results. I lost 10 pounds in 5 days - went from 268 to 258 lbs and have lost on the average about 4 pounds a week for the past month. That's 26 pounds in about five weeks, down to 242 lbs, and I'm so excited. I've got a long way to go but it sure helps me stick to the Radical Diet when I get such results so fast. And I'm only using 1 Thermo a day along with 4 Metabolic. I intend on going down to 165 lbs and am really looking forward to going shopping for a whole new wardrobe. Too bad you don't have an MD+ line of clothing.


Shelley B


I just wanted to say I got my supplements today and wanted to thank you for the great customer service.


Wally T



I have had chronic pain in my knees for the past several years. In fact I didn't know what it felt like to be without it. And I tried everything, from treatments to medications and even going to see a shrink. Nothing worked so I just accepted it. On the recommendation of an athlete friend of mine, I tried Joint Support. Within two weeks my pain was gone and hasn't come back to this day. I still take Joint Support, but only use it every other day or so.


Thanks, Sam D


On your advice I took Metabolic and Regulate for my cholesterol problem. After being on both for 6 weeks I had my blood rechecked and the results were much improved. The total amount of cholesterol and my bad cholesterol has gone down and my good cholesterol has gone up. I'm pleased and so is my doctor. Stan H

I just got off the phone with one of your customer service reps and i would like to let you know that you have some quality people working for you. Your help and understanding of my mistake is greatly appreciated and i can't wait for my copy of the Anabolic Diet.


I'm diabetic and have been using Metabolic for the past three months. Not only has it helped me to lose over 30 pounds in weight, but it also improved my diabetes to the point where I'm no longer taking medication. Right now I'm following the Metabolic Diet and taking Metabolic and my sugar is totally under control. I used to check it four or five times a day but it's been so good that once a day, just to make sure, is enough. I just wanted to let you know that your diet works and that Metabolic is a great product and has made a real difference in my life.


Amy T


I'm a professional athlete and wanted to send you a plug for Joint Support. It's the best product I've ever used for injuries. Not only does it relieve pain, and help healing, but it allows me to get to sleep at night when I'm injured.


Sam W



I have tried so many different supplements, and personally they never did much good. I just thought supplements were useless, that is until I started using yours. They are making a real difference in my training and I'm getting real results. I'm a believer. Thank you for putting out some great products.


Brian. R


I have been on your supplements for about 2 months and have noticed a big difference.


Hal S


I started off by buying your Radical Diet ebook. At less than ten bucks, I figured I had nothing to lose except my weight. I tried it at first without the supplements and it worked pretty well except that I didn't feel I was losing fast enough. I then ordered your basic package and used the Thermo and Metabolic for a month on their own. I then took the big step and ordered the advanced package. It was a pretty steep price and I wouldn't have ordered it except that I found out first hand that your stuff works. I've been on all the supplements now for two months and people can't believe the changes in me. Not only have I lost a total of 52 lbs in the last four months, but I gained muscle as well. I'm looking so good that people think I'm on a lot of drugs including steroids and they don't believe me when I tell them the truth.


Bob A


Thanks for your fast and complete information. My plan is to do the moderate phase for the first two weeks in order to get used to the program and then go to the strict phase, as the flow chart states. I am loving the program. I am not hungry at all during the day, and I have been walking at least 2 miles a day in order to help foster the process.




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